Uniden Solo security camera range – Solo+, Solo PT, Solo Bullet and Solo 4G

Uniden Solo+ security camera range
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The Uniden Solo security camera range covers its Wi-Fi, battery/solar operated, weather-resistant 1080p security cameras.

The Uniden Solo security camera range includes

Uniden Solo+ security camera range

Uniden Solo security camera range is available from most major retailers – prices are from JB Hi-Fi.

Uniden Solo security camera range common features

  • 1920 x 1080p@15fps, 2MP sensor, H.264 recording
  • The PT, Bullet and 4G have a Starlight Night Vision sensor (better in lower light)
  • FOV – Solo+ 130°, Solo PT 140°, Solo Bullet 100° and Solo 4G
  • Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz only (max distance from the router is about 20m)
  • Weather-resistant to IP65
  • Setup via the Uniden Solo App (all camera use this)
  • Works with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Thermosense PIR motion detection (heat and movement)
  • IR monovision at night and colour in daylight
  • All are Solar panel capable
  • Two-way talk (half-duplex via the single mic and speaker)
  • Siren <100dB
  • Up to 64GB SD Card (minimum CLASS 10 – not supplied)
  • Cloud-ready storage (7 days and up to 5 cameras free)
  • Micro-USB cable (no charger supplied – use any up to 5V/2A) and up to 180 days between charges
  • Either a magnetic flat mount (Solo) and Screw mount (PT and Bullet)
  • The app allows for PIR detection sensitivity adjustment but not zones
  • 1-year warranty, 90 days battery (PT and Bullet 2-years)

Who is the Uniden Solo security camera range for?

The range is for the DIY market. We strongly suggest you read our Security Camera 101 to get a better feel for what Wi-Fi cameras can and can’t do!

A few take-aways.

  • You need to stick to the same brand if you want to use the same app. As these are voice assistant capable, you can control them that way after setup.
  • 1080p@15fps is really the entry-level for security cameras. It is OK for reasonable detail to about three metres and for vistas out to 10m. If you require more detail, then you will need to look at 2K and 4K cameras.
  • These need to be mounted at 2-3 meters off the ground for ideal viewing angle.
  • And battery life is quoted at one detection a day – you will probably have 20-30 at first.


The Solo+ comes with a flat magnetic ½ golf ball base that attaches to the magnetic camera base. That can act as a desktop mount or screw to a beam. Note the device only mounts vertically. It also comes with a 360° screw mount that can also use a ‘tree’ strap. If you mount it upside down, you can flip the image in the app.

Uniden Solo+ security camera range
Magnetic 1/2 golf ball mount

The Solo PT has a standard ¼” base screw hole. This device must be mounted upside down to ensure IP65 weather resistance. It has a plastic mount and a metal 360° mount. You need to screw this to a wall, beam or pole. You can remote pan and tilt this at 355° (rotation) and 140° (tilt).

The Solo Bullet and 4G (not reviewed) has the same 360° mount and tree strap as the Solo+.

Local storage

Each device has a MicroSD slot for local storage. We recommend at least 32GB and preferably 64GB. Recordings overwrite the oldest content first. Live view images can also store on your phone.

Uniden recommends the smartphone app have at least 4Mbps for 1080p live stream, 2 Mbps for 720 live stream and 0.8Mbps for fluent stream.


At last, an app that does not require you to set up an account – unless you want to access the cloud recordings so I guess you will.

Uniden uses mostly the same camera hardware and rebadged app as Reolink that rated well in GadgetGuy reviews in 2018 and 2019.

You download the Uniden Solo app, add the device, scan a barcode on the device and your smartphone, give it Wi-Fi credentials, and that is it. Simple.

The App is reasonably comprehensive and allows you to select ‘Fluent ‘or force 1080p. Fluent delivers the best rate it can over the Wi-Fi connection.

Solar panel or charging

Uniden is making a big thing of solar panels and I agree – changing batteries is for the birds.

Uniden Solo+ security camera range

The new SPS-01 solar panel is 6V/.53A (3.2W) – the old one was 2.5W.

In our 45-day Solar panel test, we state that a solar panel with less than 5W will, at best slow the rate of discharge. We won’t be rerunning the trial for a while, but we expect that the little more wattage from  SPS-10 will extend the time between recharges. In our tests, it topped up a battery each day from 75% and seems a little more efficient on cloudy days.

The Solo+ has a removable battery that you can charge elsewhere so you can leave the camera where it is.

The PT and Bullet require you to take it to a charger (if not using solar).

Uniden Solo+ security camera range
Note this orientation does not work – it must face North/south and have a slight easterly tilt.

Image quality

We have included images from a 2K camera for comparison. As I said, it depends on your needs for detail and if you need colour night vision.

The Solo+ has adequate day vision, but you can see the difference a Star Vision sensor makes on the PT.

These shots are all taken at the same time brackets.

Uniden Solo+ security camera range
Solo+ (end of the jetty is 70m away)
Uniden Solo+ security camera range
Solo PT
Uniden Solo+ security camera range
Uniden Solo+ security camera range
Solo PT with StarVsion sensor
2K with no spotlight
2K with spotlight

GadgetGuy’s take – Uniden Solo security camera range – Solo+, Solo PT, Solo Bullet adn Solo 4G

With apologies to all security camera makers but 1080p pales in comparison to 2K and 4K BUT…

1080p is perfectly fine for most uses if you have the camera within a few metres of the subject. And Star Vision is impressive, albeit in mono.

As far as battery-operated security camera’s go these are fit for purpose. The app is adequate although the lack of definable motion zones can be an issue if you can’t place the camera properly.

Value for money
Ease of Use
Reader Rating6 Votes
Battery or solar
Solo PT and Bullet – better Star Vision
Solo+ Reasonable 1080p 2MP image
Need to unmount camera to recharge if not using solar