Unleash your inner artist with Wacom competition


Wacom and Just Another Agency are hosting the third series of “The Next Level” digital art exhibition. And this month you’re invited to join in.

The exhibition shows work by artists such as Loretta Lizzio, Paul Braddock, Mateusz Witczak, Nosego, Mark Conlan and Kelogsloops. In fact, fifty local and international artists will be participating in the exhibition, which will tour around the world from September this year.

Of course, all the artworks are those created using Wacom digital tools.

Simon Marshall, Wacom’s Senior Manager Content and Media, says that the company is “all about supporting creatives. In creating powerful new tools of connectivity and expression that influences every aspect of the human experience, Wacom is excited to invite all creatives to take part in this competition.”

As he suggests, if you’re using a Wacom product, you’ve got a chance to have your work exhibited with theirs. And if someone buys it while on exhibit, you get “a 60 per cent cut”. All this month (until 31 May 2018), you can join in by posting your work to Instagram.

Remember, the work must be original and, well, “amazing”. And it must be created “using a Wacom product”. Then upload it to Instagram and tag it @wacom, @wacomanz and @justanotheragency. Finally, apply the hashtag #wacomnextlevel. Winners will be announced on 18 June 2018.

Wacom and Just Another Agency

We’ve reviewed plenty of the company’s products over the years, most recently the Bamboo Tip and the Bamboo Folio large. Both are worthy artist’s tools, albeit optimised for different purposes. I particularly liked the Bamboo Folio. This one consists of a pen, pad of paper and folio. You write and draw on the paper old-school, and the device digitises it and uploads it to the cloud.

I see that I’ve been talking almost exclusively about Wacom, but there is a co-sponsor for the event. It turns out that Just Another Agency is an “artist management agency”. So it looks like we have Wacom producing the tools, and Just Another Agency handling the creators.

More details on the competition are available at the Wacom Next Level website. Check out last year’s exhibition here.