Unlock powerful savings with BLUETTI EOFY sale

Bluetti EOFY

The BLUETTI EOFY sale is the perfect time to score unbeatable deals on your favourite tech gadgets. From 1-30 June, BLUETTI is offering exceptional discounts of up to 37% off portable power stations, solar generator bundles, and large home batteries.

As temperatures drop, our energy demands rise. Heating systems work overtime, leading to higher electricity bills and increased stress on the power grid. Now is the ideal time to upgrade your energy system with BLUETTI’s dependable and eco-friendly solutions, ensuring you stay warm and your devices remain powered without breaking the bank.

Whether you love outdoor adventures, want to save on energy costs, or need reliable backup power, BLUETTI has you covered.

BLUETTI AC180: Aussies’ go-to for portable power

Now $1099 (was $1499)

The BLUETTI AC180 is one of the top-selling products on BLUETTI’s Australian website, and for good reason. This power station perfectly balances power and portability, delivering 1800 watts from a lightweight 16kg build. It’s perfect for camping trips or as a reliable backup during blackouts, capable of powering household items such as fridges, freezers, TVs, microwaves, induction cooktops, and even hair dryers. Pair the AC180 with BLUETTI’s folding PV200 solar panels for a max 500W solar input, and take advantage of convenivent 3-hour recharging for an almost endless supply of renewable energy wherever you go.

BLUETTI AC200L: Expandable capacity for every need 

Now $2399 (was $2799)

Power shortages can ruin outdoor adventures or disrupt work at home. The BLUETTI AC200L portable generator, with its massive 2048Wh capacity and powerful 2400W output, helps ensure you have reliable power for your home, camper, workshop, and beyond. It can run a 150W fridge for up to 11 hours on a single charge, and features 10 output ports to power all your needs. 

If you demand more power for your off-grid lifestyle or outage protection, boost its capacity with expansion batteries such as the B230, B210, or B300. By connecting two B300s, you get an impressive 8192Wh of power—enough to keep your devices running for days. The classic AC200P also supports capacity expansion with B230 or B300, but at a more affordable cost.

For those preferring an all-in-one setup for home use, the EP500Pro offers 5120Wh capacity and 3000W output, with the convenience of mobility thanks to its four-wheel design.

BLUETTl EP760: CEC-certified home energy solution

Beyond portable power, BLUETTI provides comprehensive home energy solutions like the EP760. Certified by the Clean Energy Council (CEC), the EP760 meets Australia’s stringent safety and technical standards, ensuring you’re investing in a reliable product.

The EP760, paired with several B500 batteries, offers a customisable battery setup for any home. It can intake 9000W of solar power and store it for use anytime, reducing household energy costs. As electricity prices climb and extreme weather events become more frequent, having a clean energy storage system can significantly cut your bills and provide peace of mind during outages.

Seize the EOFY deals with BLUETTI

This EOFY, take advantage of BLUETTI’s incredible 37% discount and invest in top-tier clean energy products. Plus, you can get more from BLUETTI! Join BLUETTI’s lucky draw wheel, participate in social media giveaways, or simply subscribe to BLUETTI’s newsletter for generous gifts. For more information, visit the BLUETTI website

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Committed to a sustainable future, BLUETTI provides affordable green energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Through initiatives like the LAAF (Lighting An African Family) program, BLUETTI has empowered over 100,000 African families in off-grid regions. With a dedication to innovation and addressing customer needs, BLUETTI has established itself as a trusted industry leader across more than 100 countries worldwide.