Unwired for sound – the Philips WACS5 Wireless Music Centre


The music centre component of the WACS5 from Philips not only plays back CDs, but rips them to an 80GB hard disk drive (HDD), with all album information downloading automatically from the Gracenote worldwide music database when connected to the internet.

The HDD stores up to 1500 compressed audio CDs and these can be accessed and controlled wirelessly from a remote room via a complementary satellite receiver connected to an existing stereo system. With multiple satellite receivers, music from the central CD collection can be sent wirelessly to several remote rooms, with each of those rooms able to enjoy a different track from the library at the same time.

The Philips WAC5 Streamium Wireless Music Centre includes a music centre hard disk unit and one satellite unit for $1,099. Additional satellite units $329.