Upgrading to iOS 5? Make sure to backup

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad and you’re thinking of taking the plunge and jumping to the new version of iOS, we’ve got one piece of advice you really need to listen to: backup.

It’s not something we advise you to take lightly, as reports have been going around the web – and the office – that if you skip the backup process before you update your iDevice, you’ll lose your photos, music, and apps.

From our experience, the whole iOS 5 update takes between 45 and 90 minutes to complete, including the backup and restoration of your gadget.

Once you update to iOS 5, you'll have access to notifications.


But if you try to cut back on the overall time required by ditching the backup process, you won’t get your photos, music, and apps back easily.

We suggest plugging your iDevice in, telling iTunes to update, and going somewhere to read, eat, or play some video games. When you come back, your device should be good to go.

But if you rush it, just be aware that everything you worked so hard to sync could be lost.


  1. careful with ios5 its causing a huge drop in battery life. don’t believe me. go to any apple forum site. fix it apple.

    ps: you can’t go back to an earlier rendition of iOS

  2. I backed it all up and thought it went well until I tried to play some music! Some tunes worked, others didn’t and shuffle wouldn’t work??? Unsyncing the music in iTunes then resyncing worked but it added another hour to the process! I can’t get iMessage to work though??? Sent 3 messages to a work mate a week ago and he still hasn’t received them??? Now I guess I can’t txt him as it will always send it as an iMessage???

  3. I wasn’t really expecting a long install until I figured out it was going to do a total restore. Was kind of puzzled as to why it did it but I guess it’s to do with wifi syncing and iCloud.

    Really enjoying the new features though so I believe it was well worth the wait! Custom text tones!

  4. Completed mine in about 45 minutes. Unlike other reports, everything went perfect. Apps, music and ringtones all synced perfectly. Did have trouble first day, but undoubtably due to high traffic.

  5. I didn’t back up but it took an outragiously long time to update. Somewhere along the lines of 4+ hours. I even did it a week after the release so all of the appleheads would have done this already, thus releiving the pressure from the Apple servers. FAIL

    1. i think the update process requires you to do something setup steps from your device; while waiting, your computer/mac will stop…

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