As CES wraps up, the smaller stories are being picked up on, but one of the last stories isn’t small, but rather about small cables, with Belkin predicting big things for USB Type C.

Your standard USB port may not be a big deal right now, but there’s a good chance that 2016 will herald a proper change for it, as more devices embrace the “Type C” variant of the port.

If you’re not quite sure what we mean, the rectangular port on your laptop and desktop — and possibly a tablet or two — is due for a change this year, as more computers are expected to receive what is considered the next universal standard.


Called “USB Type C”, it’s a thin ovular port that is a little like Apple’s Lightning, meaning you can plug it in any way you prefer without risk of breaking the port or cable.

USB Type C brings with it more than just a better design, with more speed along for the ride, too.

USB Type C also carries a greater charge, which allows laptops and tablets to that don’t require a massive brick to be charged directly from this port, slimming down on the amount of ports that are needed, and even making your power cable a little more universally friendly. When tablets and laptops use this style of port, if you lose the cable, you can simply buy another to charge from.