USB iTransfer Turntable – play vinyl records, or use it to save your old records as MP3 files

So your dad’s an oldie with a large vinyl record collection that he can no longer play. Assuming he has a PC, the iTransfer Turntable is the perfect gift. It plays vinyl records, much like a regular turntable (though using a computer’s speakers) – but its real appeal is its ability to rip those vinyl records to MP3 format, for playback on other computers or portable media players.

It’s not exactly a product with the highest production qualities, but your dad may only need to use it for a short time, until the transfer of his collection is complete.

Please note, that at this point the USB iTransfer only works on the Windows computer operating system, there is no support for Mac at this time.

The USB iTransfer Turntable sell for $89.95 RRP.