Use your mobile phone as a modem

If you want to connect your laptop computer to the internet so you can surf the net while you are on the move but you don’t have a wireless broadband modem, your Next G (and indeed 3G phones in general) mobile is the answer.

That’s because many Next G phones can act as a modem to get you online. Next G phones can pull off this trick because the electronics they use to connect to BigPond TV or download games means they already have everything they need to bring data into your laptop.

Easy connection

To use your phone in this way, make sure that before you leave home you experiment a little to make sure your setup works. The exact procedure for each Next G phone differs, but the basics are the same.

To start, you’ll need the CD and data cable that came with your handset. Install the software on the CD and then connect one end of the cable to your phone and the other to the laptop.

At that point the software should take over and make a connection to the internet through your phone. You’ll be able to do everything you do with a conventional internet connection.

A great way to get internet when you are out and about

Phone-as-modem is a useful extra if you have broadband at home but occasionally need to access the internet while out and about. But it is not intended for heavy users who need it everyday. One reason is that phone-as-modem can burn through your mobile battery quite quickly.

Another reason is that this service is charged as data usage on your phone and that can quickly clock up a big bill if you are not on the right plan. So best check with your provider to get on a suitable plan if you want to use it regularly.

Source: Australian GO magazine