Use your mobile to the max with these hot games

By Alex Kidman

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Fans of all things Potter will love the mobile version of the fifth Harry adventure. It?s primarily a stealth game where you play as Harry and friends, sneaking around Hogwarts School of Wizardry, avoiding being seen by any teachers or assorted nasties. Along the way you?ll also play an engaging spell duel game, dodge fire-breathing gargoyles and even take flight as Hedwig, Harry?s faithful owl.

Order of The Phoenix is a bright and colourful game that re-creates JK Rowling?s world with a surprising level of fidelity, as well as a surprising amount of challenge. Those who like things easier can just dip their toes into the spellcasting mini-games also on offer.

Will appeal to people who like: adventure games with lots of sneaking around, and Potterphiles everywhere.

One to play when: you need another Potter fix.

Price at BigPond Games on the Next G network:$7.00

The Simpsons: Minutes To Meltdown

Minutes To Meltdown casts you in the role of the patriarch of the Simpsons family, the ever-rotund Homer. You?ve got just thirty minutes ? of real time, counted by your mobile ? to stop Springfield Nuclear Power Plant from exploding, and your lazy yellow butt is still on the family couch!  Homer?s adventure takes him through three familiar Simpsons locales ? The Simpsons Home, Springfield itself and the Nuclear Power plant ? as he evades angry policemen, dodges pie- throwing Krusty The Clown and keeps his precious donut supply up to give him enough energy to keep going. Minutes To Meltdown is a simple game that?s not too challenging for any player, and with definite appeal for diehard Simpsons fans.

Will appeal to people who like: the Simpsons and donuts. Isn?t that everybody?

One to play when: you?ve got ten minutes before the next bus turns up.

Price at BigPond Games on the Next G network:$7.00

Source: Australian GO magazine