Valentine’s Day – digital no substitute for physical

A quirky report from Amaysim shows that saying I love you face-to-face on Valentine’s Day was the preferred method over sexting, err texting.

A scan of 1.1 million user’s trends showed that Valentine’s date night was a no-go digital zone with data usage down 39% compared to a usual Wednesday night.

However, Valentine’s morning texts were up 46% – perhaps reflecting reservation reminders or just a quick loved-up message to mark the special day.

Makes you wonder what the text rates were the morning after?

Amaysim said a loved-up Queenslander rang the same number 146 times (or over six times an hour) while a besotted New South Wales resident texted the same person 523 times (or 22 texts per hour).

Julian Ogrin, CEO of amaysim, said: “Our first love is our customers, and we are very happy when they put their phones aside on a special day like this. Time together is the most valuable thing, and our best in class customer experience platform empowers people to get on with living.”