Velbon V-Pod tripod for small digital cameras

Velbon, Japan’s leading manufacturer of tripods for both professional and amateur photographers, has brought a new level of portability to the world of camera tripods. In so doing the all-new V-Pod allows compact camera and camera-phone photographers to be ready for night scene long-exposure shots, family and event shots where the photographer wants to be included in the image, and to improve between-image registration for multi-image panorama stitching.

With folded height of just 29 cm and weighing just 260 grams, this new tripod can make all the difference. It’s the tripod you take when you are not taking a tripod. Not suitable for the big pro SLR’s, but perfect for unobtrusive convenient use to ensure the very best pictures from a digital compact or a more advanced camera-phone.

Supplied with a suitable adaptor to securely attach a mobile phone, the Velbon V-Pod also comes together with a soft protective pouch that takes almost no extra space, but prevents abrasions to the tripod from the occasional knock.


  • Extended height: 1.01 metre
  • Folded length: 290 mm
  • Net weight: 260 grams
  • Maximum load: 2.0 kg
  • Leg construction: 4-section O-Tube, 15mm diameter
  • Head: Ball head with tilt/pan handle
  • Brace: Hinged, central column attachment
  • Adjustable height: Elevator for fine height adjustment of camera and panhead
  • Locking controls: Elevator height lock, Panhead lock, twist-section leg lock
  • Finish: Black

Price and availability

The V-Pod is available now, at a price of around $49.

Source: Velbon