Vine comes to Windows Phone 8, now about that Instagram…

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In its effort to try and get consumers on side, Microsoft has had to talk to developers of some of the more popular apps for Android and iOS to make an appearance on its Windows platform. And now there’s another, with Vine landing.

For those who arent quite in the know, Vine is Twitter’s answer to Instagram’s video sharging.

You don’t get the choice of filters to make your videos look aged or vintage, but you do have the ability to stop-start videos as much as you want for a maximum of six seconds, creating tiny video presentations for friends to be shared online.

At GadgetGuy, we’ve used Vine a few times to show tiny videos of things like drop tests for smartphones, and there are other people who use Vine to make little videos.

In fact, we’ve even heard of the six-second movie formula being used for very short film festivals. Down that popcorn fast, people.

For Windows Phone 8, the release of Vine is an important one as it shows the mobile platform is slowly becoming one that regular people may want to use more, with apps that it has long been missing now appearing.

Now the looming question is when Instagram will appear, as right now, that’s one of the most requested apps for the Windows Phone operating system, especially since Nokia’s Lumia range of phones often has such advanced camera electronics working in the phones, and yet no fully established photo-sharing social network to join in with.