The Vinpok Plux with AirPods, iPhone and Apple Watch in place.
The Plux can wirelessly charge your AirPods, iPhone and Apple Watch.

Vinpok Plux: All-in-one charging

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The Plux is an interestingly named gadget. From Vinpok, that specialise in mobile accessories, the Plux’s job is to simultaneously charge your Apple iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. While Apple is meant to be coming out with its own version, for those that don’t feel like waiting, the Plux is one of the few choices that can wirelessly charge all three devices.

First, it should be pointed out that Apple intends to update its AirPods with a case that uses inductive charging, as the current model needs to be plugged in. The Plux works around this by supplying its own inductive charging sleeve. This fits neatly around your AirPod’s existing case, with the inductive element in the back. It also adds a bit of protection with a layer of rubber, which is never a bad thing.

A small inductive element brings wireless charging to your AirPods.

Otherwise, as newer iPhones and Apple Watches have built in wireless charging, there’s no need for anything fancy here. Just make sure that you have at least iPhone 8 or iPhone X, as previous models will still need to be plugged in.

One thing we didn’t expect was the assembly required to get the Plux ready for duty. The instruction manual wasn’t exactly clear either, but we managed to figure it out. First, the Plux doesn’t power the Apple Watch on its own. You need to bring your original Apple Watch charging cable, which is then wound around a cable guide inside the Plux’s case and holds the charging end in position. Thankfully, you can plug the USB end into a socket inside the Plux, so you don’t need to power this separately.

A shot of the Plux with the cover off, showing how to wrap the Apple Watch's charging cable inside.
Adding your Apple Watch charger to the Plux is tricky.

Otherwise, the Plux uses its own built-in inductive charger for zapping power to your iPhone and the inductive AirPod case. It’s a 10 Watt unit, so it’s capable of ‘fast-charging’ as well.

Once it’s all set up, the AirPods rest on a little attachable shelf, and there’s enough height for iPhones, iPhone Plus models and even the new 6.5 inch Apple iPhone XS Max.

The Plux with AirPods, iPhone and Apple Watch in position, charging all devices.
Positioning the Apple Watch over the charging element can be finicky.

Apple watches drape over the dedicated charging area, however, getting the right positioning can be a pain depending on your watch band. With a soft and subtle Sport Band, no problem, but with the more rigid Link Bracelet, we just couldn’t get the watch to rest over the charger.

All up, the Plux is a clever solution for charging your compatible iPhone, Air Pods and Apple Watch. It’s not perfect, and a little finicky to put together, however, if you can’t stand the mess of separate cables, or just want something tidy for your night-side table or desk, it’s worth a go. Otherwise, you can wait for Apple’s version, which will undoubtedly be more elegant, however, you might need to upgrade your AirPods to get the full effect.

Availability: Vinopok Plux website is here – click on AUD for Australian pricing.

Vinpok Plux
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It can wirelessly charge your AirPods, while few others can
It supports fast wireless charging
Apple Watch positioning can be tricky and not all bands will work
Doesn't work out of the box - you'll need to set it up