Virgin enters the world of mobile 4G broadband

Planning on taking your laptop with you but want some 4G speeds for your tablet, laptop, and everything else? Virgin is throwing something into the mix, with an LTE capable connection that packs in enough data for most people.

Launched this week, Virgin’s $59 monthly 4G plan comes bundled with a 4G wireless hotspot from Huawei that can handle up to ten simultaneous devices sharing a 4G connection. We’re told that this hotspot (using Huawei’s E5776) will be available on a 12 month plan, though you’re not required to use it if you have you’re own 4G device.

“With faster mobile broadband, our customers will now be able to upload or download photos, music and video more quickly than ever before,” said Derek Cummins, Director of Virgin Mobile in Australia. “They will also find their experience enhanced as they navigate effortlessly through maps or stream their favourite programs with great picture quality and less buffering while on the go.”

The plan is Virgin’s first mobile hotspot foray into 4G LTE connectivity, taking advantage of the same network its 4G mobile phone service uses, which is the Optus 4G network.

All other mobile broadband connections from Virgin are 3G only, while the 4G one launched this week is designed to work best in Australian major cities – including Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth – with 3G connections running when a 4G network can’t be found.