Virgin finds Brad Pitt’s brother, cuts back on plans and adds bonuses

The local arm of Virgin’s mobile telco wants to find a way to offer Australians the best deal it can, and now with the help of Brad Pitt’s brother Doug – yes, that Brad Pitt – will attempt to do so.

From today onwards, Virgin Mobile is cutting back on the nine postpaid plans it had this past year, moving to five, three of which will offer a minimum of 2GB downloads per month and unlimited free text messages to any Australian mobile number.

New phones will also be hitting Virgin, with HTC’s One X and One S handsets each launching on the new plans, each with a pair of Beats Solo headphones, something no other telco seems to be offering. If you already have a mobile handset you love, Virgin will be offering $10 off the plans.

With options like this, the new plans are named “Fair Go Plans”, playing on the Australian phrasing and offering international calls in the monthly credit, free voicemail, and free calls between other members of the Virgin mobile network.

“We think the industry doesn’t have a lot of fairness in it,” said David Scribner, Virgin Mobile’s Marketing Director. “We’re constantly listening to our customers and are focused on giving Australians a fair go by continuing to simplify the telco experience, offering flexibility and even more value.”

Currently running on the Optus 3G network, Virgin today told GadgetGuy that a switch to the 4G network is coming, with a representative saying “the 4G rollout has started” and Virgin “will have 4G this year”.

HTC's metal-body One S will arrive on the new plans, complete with a pair of Beats Solo headphones.

Virgin is also trying to differentiate itself with other offerings in Australia by connecting its mobile division with Virgin’s other brands, including the Virgin airlines offering mobile credit based on a percentage of the cost of an overseas flight, the wine division offering a free dozen with a two-year contract, and other deals from Virgin Money.

In fact, Virgin aims to show off its “Fair Go” plans by offering a “fair go” to the brother of Brad Pitt.

For the next few months, Doug Pitt – yes, we’re serious – will be the face of Virgin Mobile Australia and offer him a taste of the celebrity lifestyle with an endorsement of the brother of one of the world’s most famous actors. Expect advertisements and possible competitions for the next few months to show off the unknown Pitt, with Australians being asked to get behind him and give Brad Pitt’s bro a fair go.

“Unlike my brother, I’ve never been the star of anything,” said Doug Pitt. “As they say, it’s amazing how a bit of fairness can help you feel like a star.”

If you squint, you can almost see Brad sitting in an armchair next to a dog.