Virgin Mobile rolls data over, your gigs will go on

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There are those of us that don’t actually chew through all the data we have every month, and yet when those 28 to 30 days are up, the gigs are lost, falling through the cracks of a modern mobile multitude. But Virgin has a fix for this: roll over the data.

It might seem strange, but Virgin Mobile will be embracing a first for its customers from this week, initiating a “data rollover” whereby people on Virgin Mobile’s postpaid service will see their unused data roll over to the next month.

This means if you have a gigabyte of unused data at the end of April, it won’t just disappear and reset, with Virgin sending it into May to add to whatever data you have for that month, also.

“Data rollover will revolutionise how Australians view their telco’s data offering and will change the mobile industry for good,” said David Scribner, CEO of Virgin Mobile in Australia. “Last year we pledged to make mobile better and being flexible with our data offering is one way to do this.”

“People are hungry for data and it’s not fair that something they’ve paid for is snatched away after a month – they should get another chance to use it,” he said. “I’m proud to say that we are the only telco rescuing people’s data.”

The addition to Virgin’s postpaid service kicks into gear from March 5, and has to be activated on a specific data rollover plan. It joins Virgin’s ability to roll over unused called and texts from another month, though from what we understand, the data is only valid in Australia, and only works from one previous month.

That said, you’ll find it active now, so if the idea interests you and you’re a Virgin Mobile customer, contact them to find out how much it’ll cost to make the jump. And if the idea interests you and you’re not a Virgin Mobile customer, we suspect we probably don’t have to tell you what to do.