Vivid 2019 Sydney and Samsung’s Galaxy S10 controlled Electric Playground

Vivid 2019
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Vivid 2019 Sydney festival is on soon offering 50+ light extravaganzas and hundreds of events. Official vivid technology Partner Samsung previews its Electric Playground spectacular.

Vivid 2019 Sydney is a global event attracting in 2018 more than 2.25 million visitors that generated $173M for the Sydney economy. it also had significant media and social media attention from around the world.

Vivid 2019 is the largest festival of light, music and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere. It positions Sydney, the Harbour City, as the hub of creative industries of Asia and the Pacific.

Vivid 2019 – Light, Music and Ideas, runs from 24 May to 15 June 2019 and its fair to say that the cost of electricity is the last thing on organisers minds as the ‘killerwatt’ spectacle grows in intensity each year.

Vivid 2019

Let’s just say that if you live in Sydney or planning to visit it’s worth braving the 2.25 million visitors to experience the spectacle.

Vivid 2019 has more than 50+ light shows and the many associated events cover Light, Music, Ideas, Programs and Vivid School. Spend a few minutes browsing the site for a huge range of events.

Samsung – official Vivid Partner – announces its plans

Samsung Electronics Australia has today announced its return to Vivid Sydney for the second year in a row with a technology-enabled, playground featuring two large-scale activations – the Samsung Electric Playground and Samsung Galaxy Studio.

The two exhibitions will transform over 3000m2 of Circular Quay’s First Fleet Park and the adjacent Foundation Hall and includes a landmark partnership with Instagram to showcase outstanding Vivid Sydney content being shared on the platform and provide tips on how to capture the magic of the festival when the lights illuminate Sydney on Friday, 24 May.

Samsung’s Vice President of IT and Mobile Garry McGregor promises Samsung’s activation will set a new standard for ambition, engagement and interaction:

“The power of technology to open up new worlds through innovation is a constant source of inspiration for us. In returning for a second year to Vivid Sydney, we’ve challenged ourselves and harnessed the power of mobile technology to create not just a memorable cultural experience, but uniquely sharable and unlike anything festival goers will have ever seen before.”

The Samsung Electric Playground invites guests into a celebration of light, sound and imagination powered by advanced mobile technology.

With a multitude of experiences spanning an area over four basketball courts in size, festival goers can free their inner child and explore Galaxy S10-inspired attractions. These include a field of over 320 dynamic light poles, 23 of which will they can control directly; a 6.5-metre illuminated Infinity Slide; and an elevated view of picturesque Sydney Harbour from the Sky Walk platform amongst other must-see attractions.

Vivid 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Studio arrives from a global tour including London, Barcelona and Dubai

Vivid 2019

It delivers its own array of truly interactive moments. The immersive space boasts tailored light experiences inspired by guests own unique irises and heartbeats generating their very own installations. It also features a one-of-a-kind interactive art piece by up-and-coming Australian artist George Rose.

The Samsung Galaxy Studio has partnered with Instagram to make the space the most Instagram-able experience at Vivid Sydney. Instagram’s specialist trainers will be on hand at select times throughout the festival to teach guests how to expertly capture and share their Vivid Sydney content.

In Detail

The Samsung Electric Playground

This mesmerising wonderland will feature at least 40 Galaxy S10 devices in fixed locations throughout, while other S10s will be carried by assistants who will be on hand to capture guests’ experiences. Samsung Electric Playground features include:

Infinity Slide

An LED-illuminated slide standing 6.5 metres tall

Visitors’ exit moments will be captured on a Galaxy S10 for them to share. GadgetGuy’s review is here and it is the best flagship phone of 2019.

Sky Walk

Vivid 2019

Climb the stairs to the elevated level of the Sky Walk to take in the impressive views of Sydney Harbour and the Electric Playground. With six vantage points, you’ll be able to capture that special selfie moment against a spectacular backdrop.


An illuminated, interactive LED dancefloor

When stepped on, tiles react with playful colours and effects

Guests can capture their moves at strategically placed Galaxy S10 photo stands surrounding the dancefloor

Pillars of Light

A field of light poles celebrating the Galaxy S10’s PowerShare functionality

Vivid 2019

With charge points mounted on poles throughout, visitors can hold their compatible smartphones to the poles to share their power and charge their phones or simply touch the Galaxy S10s to enable the light to pulse and change colour

Field of Light

Visitors can immerse themselves into a field of smaller interactive illuminated poles to capture unique photo moments

Illuminated Hula-Hoops

Guests can create patterns of colour and light using illuminated hula-hoops

Show Mode

Every 30 minutes the Electric Playground will burst into life

Each show is a 45-second celebration of colour and light, all programmed by world-renowned lighting designer Steve Nield, who has worked in the field for over 35 years

Samsung Galaxy Studio and Instagram

A partnership between Samsung and Instagram has been designed to help guests capture the ultimate sharable moment. Samsung Galaxy Studio features include:

Ocular Odyssey

Takes inspiration from the Galaxy S10’s TrueEye feature

Guides visitors on an exploration their own ‘youniverse’ by unravelling the hidden cosmos in their eyes

Guests can capture every frame of this kaleidoscopic experience as it unfolds using the S10’s Live Focus feature

Field of Hearts

Channels the S10’s biometrics functions to capture your heartbeat. Invites guests to share their pulse with a friend.

The installation combines the rhythms of both visitors to create a symphony of infinite sound and light for the perfect ultra-wide photo moment

Artist in Residence, George Rose

George will showcase the Galaxy S10’s best features while creating an unforgettable Instagram moment for guests

Visitors can meet George at appearances on Saturday, 25 May and Saturday, 1 June

In Collaboration with Instagram

Two Instagram workshops each week will train guests in how to make the most of the Instagram platform and the new Instagram mode on the GalaxyS10 as they experience Vivid Sydney

The Samsung Electric Playground and Samsung Galaxy Studio will be open to the public from Friday, 24 May until Saturday, 15 June. More information is here.