Vivo TVs now on sale in Australia

New electronics brand, Vivo, is marketing a range of sharp-priced televisions it says are “equally as impressive as the established brands”. Italian for ‘alive and vivid’ Vivo products are, according to Managing Director, Fabio Grassia, designed in Italy and manufactured in China, where components, assembly and quality control are supervised by staff at a dedicated Vivo office.

Backed by Natcomp International Corporation, an Australian importer and supplier of AV and Consumer Electronic products since 1989, Vivo products include seven LCD television models ranging from 46-132 cm (the 50, 55 and 66 cm models have in-built DVD players), with prices from $299 to $2,199.

Two portable DVD players (from $99) and a 106 cm and 127 cm plasma TV ($999 and $1,799) complete the line-up, and all products include a one-year warranty.