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From 2025 we may have minimal roll-out of ‘real’ mmWave 5G operating on 26Ghz

But, a blade of grass will stop that signal. These networks are capable of higher speeds and lower latency and will be mainly for commercial, scientific and government uses where masses of microcells cover a defined area.

Roaming 3/4/5G

Vodafone hopes to offer 5G sub-6Ghz soon at $5 day roaming to United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany and Ireland – more to come.

5G cost

Vodafone has no intentions of charging more for 5G as Tel$tra will do from June.

GadgetGuy’s take – Vodafone 5G, let alone real 5G mmWave is still a long way off

Our strongest advice is don’t buy 5G unless you a) can get reception where you need it and b) have a real use case.

5G is still a huge marketing flop and Gen 1 5G smartphones a great hoax. I would wait until Gen 4 modems in 2023 or later.