Vodafone and 3 overhaul plans to include unlimited voice calls

Partners Vodafone and 3 (Hutchison Australia) today announced new Post-Paid Cap plans with significant new features including ‘unlimited’ national voice calls, international call inclusions, more contract flexibility and increased data download allowances.

Most ‘Unlimited’ plans from 3 and Vodafone now include a ‘unlimited free talk’ component, which means that Post-paid customers can make an unrestricted amount of free calls to other Vodafone or 3 members, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The feature does not, however, include free calls across networks, such as Vodafone to 3, or 3 to Telstra. Plans with ‘unlimited free talk’ start from $29 per month.

Another new feature is the inclusion of International calls within Cap plans. This means that the cost of International calls can be put towards the monthly call allowance instead of being charged as an additional fee. “The new Cap plans will enable customers to use their whole Cap value on International voice calling and texting, making it even easier to stay in touch with family and friends in Australia or overseas”, said Edward Goff, General Manager of Voice and Broadband, Vodafone Hutchison Australia.

As part of the new Post-paid plan refresh, Vodafone and 3 will also be launching new month-to-month ‘SIM only’ contracts in addition to 12 and 24 month plans for those who already have existing mobile phones. This provides customers with the flexibility to pay as they go, rather than being locked into a fixed contract.

Data download allowances have also been increased across the new range of plans, starting with the $49 Cap plan. Customers can now choose from data plans that offer as little as 50 megabytes of data per month to 6 gigabytes.

Starting from the $79 Cap plan (over 24 months), customers get unlimited standard and international TXT messaging included in the monthly package price, along with unlimited free calls on the same network and $550 worth of calls.

BlackBerry users can benefit from the overhauled plans with unlimited Blackberry email and Internet browsing packs included as part of the $69 Unlimited Cap plan.

For $99 a month (over 24 months) the Unlimited Cap rewards frequent mobile users with unlimited standard national voice calls, TXT, MMS, BlackBerry Email and at least 1.5GB of data

Vodafone’s Unlimited $129 Cap and 3 mobile’s Unlimited $119 Cap take this a step further with included voicemail and 4GB of data.

Vodafone and 3 are also simplifying call rates across Unlimited Cap plans, which are calculated at $0.90 per minute and $0.35 per flag fall.

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