Vodafone and Spotify hook up customers with music to go

If you’re considering a jump to Vodafone, or are already a customer and considering a plan, Voda is adding a gift that just might tempt you even more: free music.

As part of a collaboration between Vodafone and Spotify, new customers on Voda’s “Red” plans will net themselves a free Spotify Premium plan just for grabbing a new mobile plan.

“Many of our customers are huge Spotify fans and so are we,” said Vodafone’s Stephen Smyth, General Manager of Postpaid the company.

“Spotify has been making waves worldwide, transforming the way we access and experience music. We’re delighted to offer our customers an exciting way to experience music.”

For those keen on seeing what this is about, the free service will last a set amount of time that is dependent on how much you spend.

As an example, people who grab a $70 Red plan will see a 6 month Spotify account, and people with the $80 plan will get it for a full year. If you find the $100 plan more compelling, you’ll see that Spotify Premium account jump to a full two years, which for many people, will be just as long as the contract itself.

If you decide to change to a different plan while you’re on one of the Red plans already — say jump from the $60 to the $70 option, your Spotify account will jump with it, moving from six months to a year in that case.

“We want to give our customers the best deals, which includes access to the best content available”, said Smyth.

“Being part of Vodafone’s global network definitely has its advantages beyond our great roaming deals, and over the coming months we’ll continue to bring customers the very best in content.”

Vodafone’s Spotify Premium offer goes into effect from this week, and is post-paid only on Vodafone’s Red plans. Existing customers can qualify, but will have to contact Vodafone to move to an eligible plan.