Vodafone and Three announce pre-paid iPad data plans

Planning on getting an iPad on Friday? Aside for accessorising it, you’re probably going to want some mobile data for that thing, especially if you’ve splashed out on the $1049 64GB 3G WiFi model.

Vodafone and Three have today announced data plans to allow 3G users to connect on the go, with options available for 250MB, 1GB, 4GB, and even an unlimited plan.

Vodafone and Skype plans

While we won’t make your mind up for you, the “500MB + 1GB” plan on 3 Mobile looks to be a good “cheap” option at $15 for 30 days usage, especially if you don’t think you’ll be using your iPad every minute of every day. We’re not exactly sure why Vodafone’s similarly priced plan offers 500MB less, but we’re sure there’s a great reason, whatever it is.

If, however, you already know that you won’t be able to live without your iPad, the unlimited data plan on Vodafone for $49.95 for 30 days usage looks to be an interesting deal. We’re sure there’s some sort of acceptable use policy for that and we’re awaiting a comment on exactly what you can and can’t do with that plan. From what we’re reading, Vodafone isn’t allowing any peer-to-peer access over the unlimited plan but isn’t saying if it will be available on the smaller plans.