Vodafone delivers Cat4 4G on the go for devices without

One of the main reasons we all love 4G so much is the super quick download speeds, and while the up to 100Mbps download speed that most devices have with Category 3 4G is great, the 150Mbps possible from Category 4 is even better.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many Cat4 4G devices out in the market, and while we’ve taken a few for a spin, it’s highly unlikely your tablets or laptop will support connecting to a Category 4 network.

But there is a solution coming, and coming shortly it will be, with Vodafone unleashing two Cat4 4G WiFi devices that will make it possible for those without Cat4 to become a little more catty.


More seriously, the two devices will come in the form of a 4G Cat4 Mobile Broadband USB stick, which can be used in any device with a USB port — such as laptops, desktops, and tablets sporting the full-size port — as well Vodafone’s Pocket WiFi, the latter of which will make it possible to connect up to ten devices to a mini WiFi network connecting to the 4G network.

“We are seeing a strong demand for mobile broadband products, especially from people who don’t want a permanent fixed-broadband connection, students, those living in share accommodation and people who simply don’t want to be locked into a contract,” said Katie Turkal, Vodafone’s General Manager of Devices in Australia.

“Increasingly, Australians are ditching fixed internet connections in favour of the convenience and portability of mobile data. What’s more Vodafone 4G can offer speeds up to two and a half times faster than standard ADSL connection.”

Even if you don’t hit the Category 4 4G speed of up to 150Mbps, the Vodafone speeds we’ve tested with in the past have been pretty impressive. In Sydney, for instance, we’ve found around Central Station to be one of the better areas, with speeds of over 90Mbps (above).

That could be good news for people with a need for speed, and with around 6.1 million mobile internet subscribers out there, there are certainly enough of them.

Vodafone’s new devices should be out shortly, though, with the 4G USB stick grabbing between $3 and 5 per month rental fee, while the 4G WiFi access point will be between $5 and 7 per month, both of which depend on how much data customers want to dig into, with $20 grabbing 2.5GB, $30 netting 4GB, and $45 allowing 8GB of downloads per month.