Vodafone fixes the holiday dilemma with a $5 solution

We’ve all heard the story about bill shock that pops up from time to time, but outside the usual “watch what you’re using,” there hasn’t really been a solution, outside of replacing your SIM when you get where ever you’re going.

Vodafone has been looking at the problem too, with the company putting forth a plan that will cost just $5 to extend your regular plan to work when you’re overseas.

The first of its kind in Australia,Vodafone is offering it customers a chance to keep the plans they have when they go to the UK, US, or New Zealand for work or vacation for five dollars a day, with the offer called “Roam Like Home” and set to be made available to upcoming plans that will be announced in August.

“Australians’ love affair with smartphones is well known but an increasing number of customers have been getting caught out by unacceptably high bills when they’re overseas, particularly in relation to data usage,” said Bill Morrow, Chief Executive for Vodafone in Australia.

With this offer, customers would choose to pay $5 a day to extend the coverage of their regular plan in foreign nations, making it possible to bring the data, calls, and text spend whenever you’re in either the United Kingdom, USA, or a hop skip and a jump away in New Zealand.

“We think this is monumental,” said Morrow to journalists this week, adding that Vodafone’s “customers tell us global roaming pricing is confusing, so we want to take the worry out of taking their phone with them when they travel overseas.”

The announcement is certainly interesting, and could do a tremendous amount to stop the insane overseas charges we’re so used to seeing.

It’s worth noting, however, that this $5 excess roaming charge won’t likely apply to your current plan, with Vodafone yet to unveil the new plans that will support this overseas addition.

We’ll keep you up to date with the new plans when we know more.