Vodafone and Hubbl team up to give Binge subs with telco plans

Vodafone Hubbl partnership
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You can now pair a Hubbl device with a Vodafone home internet or phone plan, courtesy of a new partnership between Foxtel Group and the TPG-owned telco.

By adding a Hubbl streaming box to your home internet plan, you can get a six-month subscription to Binge Standard at no extra cost. Or, if it’s phone plans you’re after, a three-month subscription comes with new and upgraded postpaid plans.

With the newly minted partnership, it means all three major Australian telcos have a major streaming presence. Telstra owns a majority stake in Fetch TV, Optus has its subscription-bundling SubHub platform, and now Vodafone is cosy with Foxtel.

Launched earlier in the year, Hubbl acts as a content aggregator between multiple streaming services. You can use either the Hubbl streaming box or the Hubbl Glass TV to manage all of your subscriptions in one place. This meets the needs of many Australians, according to a Deloitte survey that found 70% want a centralised way of managing subscriptions.

One of the main drawcards is the ability to bundle multiple services together at a discounted rate. However, very few services support bundling – limited to Foxtel’s own subscriptions and Netflix. That, and not every major local app, like Paramount+ and Optus Sport, is available yet.

Nonetheless, the timing is nice for anyone in the market for a new home internet or phone plan. The Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon is currently streaming on Binge, with Vodafone’s offer an easy way to save up to $108 in Binge subscription fees.

How much does it cost to bundle Hubbl with Vodafone?

The smaller Hubbl device only costs $99, but you can pay it off over 12 or 24 months along with a Vodafone NBN plan. Here’s how much the telco’s plans currently cost:

If you just want a few months of Binge, here’s how much Vodafone’s postpaid phone plans will set you back:

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