Vodafone international roaming to go 4G for those who need it

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Vodafone’s network might have had some troubles in the past, but the company is moving on, with 4G roaming to be switched on for its customers around the world later in the year.

The news comes off the back of last year’s $5 per day “Red” plans, which saw the telco provide international roaming to several countries provided the customer paid an extra $5 per day. This addition granted a Vodafone customer regular access to their plan through international networks, making your regular voice, text, and data allowances applicable when you were travelling overseas.

Now, with more 4G networks rolled out across Vodafone’s other networks, Vodafone Australia will mid-year be providing the same access to customers when using their SIMs overseas in New Zealand, Europe, and the UK, with 4G data speeds on offer.

“We have spent billions building a new 3G and 4G network and this latest news shows we have no intention of slowing down,” said Benoit Hanssen, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Australia.

“Our customers are among the most mobile in the world; among the fastest adopters of new technology; and, among the biggest travellers globally. To extend access so customers can continue to enjoy super-fast speeds internationally is a natural next step and the Red plans offer the best value in the industry for data allowances both here and overseas.”

By the end of the year, Vodafone hopes to make the 4G roaming compatible with more places, with the plans extending to being able to use the 4G networks found in France, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Switzerland, among places.

The specialty 4G roaming to extend your regular plan still requires you be on the Vodafone Red plans, though, and pay $5 per year. Anyone trying to access at their regular rates, however, will be charged whatever is in their plan.