Prepaid Vodafone plans get more expensive soon

Prepaid Vodafone plans price
Image: Vodafone.

Vodafone customers, get ready for more expensive prepaid plans next week as the telco raises prices across the board.

Taking effect on 10 April, the more expensive plans add to an increasingly more expensive market, highlighted by Telstra’s similar move last year. Most prepaid Vodafone plans will cost $5 more per recharge cycle.

On the flip side, you’ll get a bit more data, although it will be surplus to most people’s needs. On average, Australians use 10.5GB of mobile data every month, according to the ACCC’s Internet Activity Report.

In a statement to Gizmodo Australia, a Vodafone spokesperson attributed the price increase to rising business costs.

“These changes have been made in response to the continuing high costs of doing business and to support ongoing investments in our networks, technology, and security.”

How much more do Vodafone prepaid plans cost?

Once the new price takes effect on 10 April, $35 will be the cheapest prepaid Vodafone plan on a 28-day recharge cycle. While the base 365-day plan remains the same price, you won’t get a $5 discount via auto-renewals anymore. Instead, you’ll get bonus data.

PlanOld priceNew price
7-day recharge$10 (4GB)$12 (5GB)
28-day recharge (20GB)$30 (20GB)$35 (25GB)
28-day recharge (30GB)$40 (30GB)$45 (35GB)
28-day recharge (45GB)$50 (45GB)$55 (50GB)
185-day recharge (80GB)$150 (80GB)$160 (90GB)
365-day recharge (150GB)$250 (150GB)$250 (150GB)

Per WhistleOut Australia, the $20 and $60 recharges will no longer exist. In their place, Vodafone will swap customers to the nearest plan. Anyone currently paying off a phone is not impacted. Vodafone also raised prices on postpaid plans earlier this year, along with bigger data allocations. You can compare their prices below:

In the wake of the price increases, make sure you compare the cheapest SIM plans so you’re not paying too much for your phone plan.

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