Vodafone starts up a conversation with Stan for streaming content

Telcos always like to deliver curious bonuses that bring in the customers, but Vodafone has a very interesting angle it will be going for shortly, and from the sound of it, the news is good for people who love to watch TV.

If you’ve been eyeing the whole “Netflix” and “Stan” space with keen interest, and are wondering what will become of it, you might soon be able to try it for a longer period than just the 30 day trial, provided you’re a Vodafone customer.

This week, Stan and Vodafone have announced a partnership to bring Stan’s streaming media solution to Vodafone in some capacity, though neither hasn’t announced specifically what form it will take.

“Vodafone has been an innovator in bringing content to consumers through their mobile network,” said Mike Sneezy, Chief Executive Officer of Stan. “Our partnership with Vodafone, who have over 5 million customers, is a key part of our strategy to make Stan accessible to as many Australians as possible.”

This isn’t Vodafone’s first content partnership, and we’ve seen Spotify and Vodafone join up in the past to deliver various subscriptions to the Spotify all-you-can-listen-to music service depending on the length of the plan you select on Vodafone.

Given that previous agreement, we suspect Stan’s involvement will mean various plans will receive three, six, and twelve month subscriptions based again on the plan Vodafone’s customers have.

“Vodafone is a leader in premium content, bringing our customers the world’s best entertainment and news to enjoy on their smartphones and tablets,” said Inaki Berroeta. “Stan is a fantastic addition to Vodafone’s leading range of premium content.”

““Our other content partnerships, such as Spotify and Fairfax offered on Red plans, are really appealing to customers. Stan is a great complement to these and a great fit for our brand,” said Berroeta. “We’re confident our customers are going to love using the service as part of their Vodafone plans.”

Details of the partnership and what it will mean for customers will be unveiled in the next few weeks.