Volkswagen’s Bio-Bug could change the world

With research into solar, electricity, and water-based fuel alternatives for cars, we now see an alternative fuel unlike any you’ve smelled before.
The car is called the “Bio-Bug,” named because it’s a Volkswagen Bug that runs on “biogas” and gasoline.
So what is this biogas we speak of?
Simply put, it’s our own waste. Sewerage. Uncomfortable stuff to smell, sure, but considering it’s currently used to power parts of the UK national electricity grid, it’s pretty potent stuff.
In fact Volkswagen’s new Bio-Bug is so efficient, it can drive over 16,000 kilometres on the waste from just 70 homes. And if your tank runs dry, the car will just switch over to regular old petrol.
While the new car will be going into testing quite soon, we imagine the problem will be telling people just what their car will run on.