This projector from Sony is unique. The reason is that its performance makes it belong in the high-end category, but its pricing places it in the mid-range.

What is so very special is that it offers true high-definition resolution: 1,920 pixels across by 1,080 pixels down. Rather than using DLP technology, it employs three liquid crystal on silicon panels (LCoS, but Sony calls its version SXRD) to produce the picture. With three panels, there’s no rainbow effect. And LCoS panels have extremely thin boundaries between pixels so, combined with the huge number of them, the result is as smooth a picture as any we’ve seen.

This hasn’t come at the cost of other high-end features. The styling is unique, and there are such conveniences as powered zoom (1.8:1 range), powered focus, and powered lens shift.

Of course, there is support for HDMI in addition to the usual set of analog inputs, plus a separate DVI input.

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