VS Sassoon Super-Straight Wet to Dry Straightener

Reviewer: Ella Smith

The VS Sassoon Super-Straight Wet to Dry Straightener dries, detangles and straightens, in one brush action. Featuring wet to dry technology, tourmaline-ceramic technology, ionic conditioning technology, automatic cut-off, 30 variable heat settings and more, it is a great tool for styling your hair when time is precious to you.

The Super-Straight comes with a handy styling guide which helps to demystify much of the terminology I’ve just mentioned, which is just as well, because there are plenty of technological benefits packed into this product.

Ceramic technology, for instance, helps with creating styles in quick time with minimal hair damage. This is because heat is distributed evenly from the styling appliance. The straightener’s ceramic plates also help maintain an even maximum temperature making the drying process more consistent.

Ionic technology is another feature of this straightener which is said to give hair its shine. In the air are positive ions which cause static electricity, flyaways and frizzy hair, making hair unmanageable. To counter the positive ions this straightener emits ‘negative’ ions from several ports on the appliance, adding moisture to the hair by reducing the size of water molecules, so they can penetrate hair preventing dryness and add shine. This clever technology means greater manageability and more shine after styling and drying.

Finally, there’s tourmaline-ceramic technology, also incorporated in this straightener. Tourmaline, a crushed semi-precious crystal which is a natural source of negative ions and far-infrared rays, delivers even heat without hot spots. The production of negative ions from tourmaline eliminates static in the hair and far-infrared rays assist in the penetration of heat, preventing hair damage. When in contact with wet hair, tourmaline-ceramic technology works to ionise and alkalise moisture, and provides antibacterial and deodorising qualities.

Setting up

Set up time is minimal. You simply wash and condition your hair, towel it dry, removing excess water and tangles. By pressing the ‘on’ button and a red light will blink, indicating the straightener is heating up. If you are using the straightener on damp hair you must press the ‘wet’ button (which is green, and also blinks while heating up). When the straightener is ready to use, both the red and green lights stop blinking.


The Super Straight Wet to Dry Straightener features straightening pins which detangle, tame and reduce frizz. These pins make light work of straightening because once you grab hold of a section of hair and slide the plates through the hair it feels very similar to brushing or combing your hair. I felt more in control of the straightening process thanks to these pins (when compared with using a straightener with smooth plates).

The plates are tourmaline and ceramic coated, which are heat balancing and penetrating to ionise and alkalise moisture. These technologies act in combination with ionic conditioning, which reduces static electricity to add more shine (also described above).

The product’s wet to dry venting system dries your hair while you straighten it. The 30 second heat up time is very convenient and the fact that the lights go from flashing lights to solid ones is reassuring for users. As well, having 30 variable temperature settings makes you feel more in control of the volume of heat you apply when straightening.

It has a great safety feature, too: automatic cut off after 72 minutes. A heat mat is also supplied which is great for storage and travel, as well as times when you get interrupted while you are straightening: you don’t need to worry about leaving any heat marks on your bathroom bench. Also handy is the salon-length power cord: about three metres, in fact, almost a metre longer than some of its competitors. The swivel cord makes it easier to manoeuvre.

I also liked the instruction booklet which provided handy hints such as a temperature setting guide for which setting to use for your hair type. For example, settings 1-10 are for delicate, thin, easy to straighten hair; 11-17 is for average to thick or treated hair and 18-23 is for thick or wavy hair and finally 24-30 is for hard to straighten hair.

This model also features a uniform heat recovery system, giving the plates a constant temperature during styling.


When straightening damp hair you will hear a hissing sound as excess water is forced through the channel system where it escapes as steam. According to VS Sassoon this steam evaporates through the vents in the housing, while the hair’s natural moisture is sealed into the cuticle. It is advisable not to let the appliance make contact with your skin, eyes, face or neck as it gets very hot!

Once you are finished, or before you use the straightener on dry hair, be sure to press the ‘wet’ button again to return the appliance back to the normal dry hair setting.

I found this straightener very easy to use. The straightening pins were a real value-add to this product as they grip the hair and make the straightening process very easy. The straightening pins also make you feel instantly comfortable with the straightening process as it feels much like brushing or combing your hair.

I also liked the look and feel of this model (it’s a sexy scarlet colour). It feels very smooth and soft to the touch. Real sex appeal. And the temperature dial (with 30 settings) felt nice and sturdy.

Having a button to press to choose either wet styling or dry styling is also very reassuring when it comes to being confident that you can use it on either wet or dry hair.


I really enjoyed using this great looking straightener and I would recommend spending the $99.95 to get peace of mind from the combination of 30 temperature settings, an appliance that is very easy to use and has inbuilt safety features.

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Ease of Use
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Elegant scarlet, soft-touch finish, 30 temperature settings, sturdy temperature dial, straightening pins, 30 second heat up, auto cut-off after 72 minutes