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Wacom is famous for digitisers – things that allow artists, CAD, draftspersons, etc., to use a stylus and create ‘on glass’.

With the proliferation of Android smartphones and tablets, Wacom has released the jack of all styluses – the Bamboo Tip. It is a 1.9mm fine-tip, capacitive stylus for quickly noting ideas – it’s not meant as a pro drawing tool.

It has an attractive blue anodised aluminium pen-like body with a slim replaceable tip. A rechargeable battery (micro-USB hidden on the end) lasts for 20 hours.

You don’t pair it – rather the capacitive pen is compatible with most recent iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. You will quickly know if it is not compatible – at best it will act as a “finger” (e.g. capacitive stylus) on the screen.

There is also a switch that changes it from iOS to Android. I suspect this changes the ‘frequency’ of the electrostatic tip that interacts with the screen. The frequency helps the touch device discriminate between a fat finger and a slim Wacom Tip.

On a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (that uses a stylus) it acted as a finger but would not draw on the screen as S Pen did.

On an HP EliteBook x360 1030 G2 (that comes with a pen) it did work when tested in Paint. This model uses a Wacom digitiser in the touch panel. I loaded Windows Ink workspace – the HP Pen worked, but the Wacom did not.

On an iPad, it worked, but you cannot rest your palm on the screen.

Now a small issue – if it does not work you may have to download the Wacom Bamboo Paper app. It is free but fairly limited to a blank note ‘sheet’ with two pen styles, three nib thicknesses and 12 colours/shades. Beyond that, you need to buy things like pencils, brushes, crayons etc.

GadgetGuy’s take

It’s a fine-tipped capacitive stylus – far better than a rubber tipped stylus. Before you buy test it on your device.


  • Looks great
  • Replaceable tip (should you ever wear it out)


  • Pricey for a capacitive stylus, albeit s fine point
  • Check it works for you first and check it works in various programs you use


A$79.95 from Wacom


As a fine tipped capacity stylus, it is fine. But the vagaries of using the product with multiple devices and different operating systems is an issue.