Wacom ups its tablet game, not THAT sort of tablet

There used to be a day when “tablet” meant drugs, and then graphics digitisers, and finally the iPad and other slate computers. Today, we return to the second one, with a new Wacom tablet aimed at designers and graphics professionals.

Practically the creators of the graphics tablet sector, Wacom returned today with a new product geared at creative professionals, specifically those needing the power of pen and paper but over in the digital medium.

Starting at $265, the Intuos 5 is a graphics tablet for an artist’s hand, featuring a pen able to pick up 2048 levels of pressure and 60 degrees of tilt to feel more like a real pen and less like a stylus.

Multi-touch is a big deal these days in tablet computers, and Wacom is throwing it into the Intuos 5, with five-finger gestures supported and customisable on an app-by-app basis.

Wacom has tried to put more emphasis on keeping your eyes glued to the screen with this tablet, too, as apparently that’s a problem some people have with using large tablets. To deal with this, Wacom has made “Express View”, a new piece of software that acts as a heads up display for your monitor to show what your fingers are selecting on the tablet.

And then there’s wireless, a feature that is one of the most asked for, with a new $45 accessory that adds wireless connectivity for the Intuos 5, as well as other selected models in the Bamboo range.

The Intuos 5 is available in stores now in four sizes, while the consumer friendly Bamboo is still available.