Watch this space: will Samsung reveal its smartwatch at IFA?

Samsung might be unveiling more than just a Galaxy Note in Germany in the next few weeks, with hints from the web telling us to literally watch this space.

All over the web, rumours are pointing to wristwatches being the next big thing next to, of course, eyewear and apparel.

Technically, devices like Google Glass are the real next big thing, allowing us to bring the internet everywhere we go with a screen in front of our eye and microphones that are always ready to let us look things up without reaching for a smartphone.

But technological sunnies aren’t going to be cheap, and that’s where the whole wristwatch space comes in: a screen wrapped around your wrist that can connect to your phone will almost always be less expensive to produce, making it easier for people to buy.

Already, we’ve seen one such device come out in America.

Pebble’s smartwatch took the crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter by storm, raising over $10 million and showing the world just how useful a smartwatch could possibly be.

We’re still wearing ours months after we put the review online, and it’s still being used to tell us who’s calling, when we have email, and controlling our music from our wrist.

When you wear a Bluetooth headset, it makes a truly wireless music experience from your smartphone.

Sony also has its mitts on the watch market, with a model that acts as a second screen for Android handsets and takes advantage of Near-Field Communication. Apps work on this platform, with over 200 working for the Sony SmartWatch, too.

With two companies already on-board for smart watches, Apple has long been rumoured to be working on a wristwatch, especially as one of the previous models of the Nano functioned for many as a watch, with wrist strap accessories released.

That was a couple of years ago, and the Nano now looks very different, but many consumers are hoping to see Apple jump back in with something else.

And that’s where we come to Samsung.

At the moment, most of the smartphone fight comes from Apple and Samsung, with many saying that the amount of devices sold from both companies essentially means the two share a duopoly when it comes to smartphone sales.

With that in mind, if Apple is working on a smart watch, you can bet that Samsung is working on one, too.

Germany’s equivalent of the Consumer Electronics Show is literally just around the corner, and that is likely where you’ll see Samsung announce one more thing on top of the Galaxy Note 3, which is expected to be shown ahead of an invitation with a big hint in its design.

At the moment, those rumours suggest the “Galaxy Gear” will be the name of this product, with Samsung device monitoring website Sammobile picking up some possible designs from patent filings.

We’ll know for sure in a few weeks just what Samsung plans to announce, but get your wrists ready, because if it’s what we think it is, you’ll want to go back to wearing a watch if you stopped, and you’ll be itching for an upgrade if you still love your digital wrist-worn friend.