WD Blue SN550 PCIe NVMe SSD has great value and performance

WD Blue SN550

The WD Blue SN550 at 22 cents per gigabyte, is all that most value-conscious PC/laptop owners could want.

The WD Blue SN550 is aimed at the replacement market offering more than four times the speed of a SATA 6 SSD/HDD and yet a price point about 30% less than the top speed SSDs like the WD Black.

And the question is, do you need the speed of the WD Black anyway? The answer is that unless you are doing a disk-intensive task like video/still rendering of large files, then you are not going to use the WD Blue SN550 top-end speed anyway.

WD Blue SN550 NVMe PCIe SSD (1TB tested)

Website here

Warranty: 5 years or 600 TBW (1TB)

Prices from mwave

  • 250GB <$100 approx. 40 cents per GB
  • 500GB <$110 22 cents
  • 1TB <$240 23 cents

What is it?

It is a PCIe 3.0 x 4 lane NVMe 1.4, M.2, 2280 format SSD for PCs and laptops. Speed tops out around 2400/2000Mbps sequential read/write and has quite respectable large file random read/write speeds.

It is TLC (Triple Layer Cell/3-bit) with some of that allocated to SLC (single-level cell/1-bit) cache. WD does not disclose cache size but our tests show it fills at about 15GB or 1.5% of the drive. That is pretty good.

 It also implements the latest NVMe 1.4 protocol that accounts for part of the drive’s performance.

WD Blue SN550

It sits in the value end under the WD Black SN750 that will do 3400/3000 sequential read/write that are currently

  • 250 $117 approx 46 cents per GB
  • 500 $165 33 cents
  • 1TB $400 39 cents
  • 2TB $710 35 cents

Setup (Windows 10 tested)

The disk requires activation from Windows Admin Tools, Storage manager. Once an active partition is there, you can format with many disk storage formats.

You can read our guide to a clean install or clone of your current storage to SSD here.


WD has a Digital SSD Dashboard that provides a suite of SSD tools including secure erase, firmware updater, lifespan and more.

GadgetGuy’s take – The WD Blue SN550 is impressive for the price

Dare we call it the value champ? Well, it is certainly up there in performance and storage for the price.

It is not the fastest, but it is well above the slowest.

Value for money
Ease of Use
Price per GB is terrific
Performance for the price is terrific
Most users will never reach this drives limit
None really