WD joins the Plex club with an app for MyCloud

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With the amount of data we make at the moment, it’s probably not a bad idea to have a network storage device in your home, but if you’re already using a WD drive for movies and the like, things may get a little more interesting.

That’s because this week, WD has managed to get its software developers working extra hard and has joined forces with media managing software Plex for a release for its network drives.


For those who don’t know, Plex is a rather interesting little piece of software that not only aims to index any movies, music, or TV shows you might have stored digitally in your home, but also makes it possible for other devices to access it.

If you already have the media on your drive, Plex categorises and makes a catalogue that practically any computer, smartphone, video game console, or tablet can access via a Plex app, allowing you to essentially create your own home-based Netflix and stream the content to your devices or to your TV.

To make this happen, you of course need media, and funnily enough, you need a hard drive to store the media on.

It might already be on a computer, which makes it easy, but if you’re keen to rely on a network drive by itself, you had to have a supported model from the likes of Seagate, Synology, Netgear, Thecus,and Qnap if you wanted to just run the drive with Plex on it, with Western Digital left out in the cold.

The WD MyCloud at home is now ready to handle Plex.
The WD MyCloud at home is now ready to handle Plex.

That changes this week, as WD now supports the Plex app, with compatibility extended to its MyCloud models, including the Mirror, EX2/EX4, EX2100/EX4100, and DL2100/4100.

“WD is committed to a robust application ecosystem for our customers and Plex is a key example of our vision,” said Sven Rathjen, Vice President and General Manager for WD’s Networked Content Solutions.

“With today’s addition of the Plex app, the MyCloud NAS series will now be a one-stop shop to not only store and protect your most precious content, but to organise and stream that content to all your devices as well.”


The app is available now via both Plex’s website and the WD MyCloud web interface, configurable with anyone in your network who can access the drive in a web browser.

People without a compatible network drive can still run Plex — hey, we’ve been doing it for a year now — but you’ll need a computer to act as a server plugging right into the unit.