WD shrinks terabytes to a pocket-friendly case

It doesn’t seem like so long ago when hard drives were massive and heavy and required their own bulky power supply, and yet, here we are now, with terabytes of storage that can fit comfortably in your shirt pocket.

Western Digital isn’t mincing words with its latest external had drive range, the My Passport Slim.  True to the moniker, the two models are, indeed,  skinny, with the 1TB model measuring 1.27cm (less half an inch) in thickness, and the 2TB model bringing that thickness up to 1.8cm (0.7 inches). In both models, the hard disk sits inside a casing made of metal, and use on USB 3.0 plugs for power and data. This means no extra power supply, which is the way we like it.

There’s also some neat software smarts to could grab your attention, such as a way of backing up Dropbox to the hard drive and providing an extra offsite backup for the cloud storage solution. WD also brings in 256-bit hardware based encryption, a feature that will impress those with a need for security beyond the basic password control.

“WD’s My Passport Slim drives are setting a new industry standard for portability, capacity, and file protection,” said Scott Steffens, General Manager of WD’s Consumer Storage Solutions Group.

“Its beautiful metal exterior, combined with up to 2TB of storage, hardware encryption, and WD SmartWare Pro backup protection make it the only storage device today’s mobile consumers will ever need to bring with them.”

Pricing for the drives starts at $139.99 for the 1TB model, while the 2TB will come in at $229.99, with availability across Australia in the next few weeks.