One of the largest hard drive companies is trying its hand at something different, with Western Digital developing a new wireless router that not only knows when you’re watching movies or playing online games, but can improve the download speed to match.

Heading to stores in July, WD’s new “My Net” wireless router range aims to bring intelligent technology to network devices designed to work out when you’re using applications that require high speeds over the web.

Western Digital My Net N900C router

This need rears its head when you’re streaming media from BigPond Movies or Foxtel on the Xbox 360, with each of these services determining what sort of video quality you should receive based on the connection speed.

If anyone else in your house is surfing the web or downloading files, this can have a huge impact, providing less than desirable video quality when you’re trying to watch videos on a Full HD TV.

The same sort of problem can occur with online gaming and video chats, with the former resulting in a game experience plagued with slow downs and lag, and the latter – online video conferencing – providing a low resolution video feed when you chat.

Western Digital’s solution to this is an in-house technology the company calls “FasTrack” which is designed to work out what type of media is being transmitted and received based on the type of network activity detected, and then prioritising the web traffic for that activity.

Western Digital My Net N750 router