When the Commonwealth Bank launched a new business platform last week, we wondered why we didn’t see more banks release digital solutions. Hearing the call out, Westpac has now unveiled a new app for customers with an iPad aimed at making mobile banking friendlier to customers.

Originally launched on July 10 for those who knew and announced this week for everyone else, the new Westpac app has been designed with the customer in mind to bring an experience that not only aims to make mobile banking easier, but also more convenient for Westpac’s 1.4 million customers using the Westpac mobile channels.

“While others have adapted smart phone apps to fit an iPad screen, we have learned from the global game-changers that mobile is an extension of the customer’s personality and behaviours,” said Jason Yetton, Group Executive for Westpac Retail and Business Banking.

Westpac says that apps built for banks have thus far been a series of drop down menus that try to emulate the experience on a full web browser, but for the new app, Westpac wanted something different.

“This dedicated iPad application is a key step forward for us, in our customer-centric design capability,” said Mr. Yetton. “In fact, our customers have been instrumental in helping to design the iPad app, making it easy and intuitive.”

Westpac’s customer-based approach to design has been to make banking more of a drag and drop approach, affording account holders with an iPad the opportunity to drag various accounts into other payment areas as a more graphics means to understand their banking.

As for an Android app, Westpac’s General Manager for Online and Mobile says that it is coming, as will the solution to Westpac’s other brands.