What can you watch in 3D?


Don’t get confused with Blu-ray discs that say ‘2D and 3D’ versions. Especially if they say ‘3D glasses included!’. These are so-called anaglyph 3D movies, in which coloured filters are used to give a 3D effect. This can work well, but you don’t get much colour.

Proper Blu-ray 3D titles come in a Blu-ray style box, except that it is transparent instead of blue coloured, and has the Blu-ray logo at the top in shiny blue, instead of silver.

So from Sony Pictures you can now purchase Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in Blu-ray 3D, and from 15 September you can purchase Monster House 3D. In November, Sony Pictures expects to release Open Season in 3D.

Paramount doesn’t have any Blu-ray 3D releases planned at this point. While Monsters vs Aliens, recently available bundled with Samsung 3D TVs, is distributed by Paramount in Australia in the 2D version, it says that it doesn’t handle the 3D versions of Dreamworks titles.

Universal says that the highly regarded animated feature Despicable Me is slated for Blu-ray 3D release in early January 2011.

Nothing much is available from 20th Century Fox, including Avatar (it was rumoured for November, but this has been denied by Fox). Disney at this stage plans Toy Story 3 for late next year and Warner is mum on the subject.