What is a Tribit XSound Go?

Tribit XSound Go

I swear marketing people are running out of real words to use – brand names get more obscure every day. Well, Tribit Audio (founded 2017) makes a range of pretty good headphones, buds, and speakers for the masses. Tribit XSound Go is no exception.

The Tribit XSound Go (another nice marketing name to go with StormBox, FlyBuds and QuitePlus) is here for review. And I have to say that I am enjoying this US$29.69 portable Bluetooth speaker a little too much.

Back to Tribit. It aims to have a unique signature sound; a resonating bass, solid treble and balance all around. Add to that quality, design, and price. It is a name you should remember – like Tribbles!

Tribit XSound Go

I have reviewed so many BT speakers that the specs, while important, are overshadowed by the sound – we will come to that later.

  • BT 4.2 as an SBC speaker or handsfree speaker
  • Stereo 2x6W
  • 4400mAh battery (2 x 3.7V/4400mAh/16.28Wh in parallel that explains the 24-hour life)
  • 5V/1A (charger not supplied) USB-A to micro-USB short cable supplied – five-hour charge
  • Up to 24-hours at 50% volume – varies by audio content and volume)
  • 3.5mm AUX-in (not USB – for charge only)
  • 175x59x56mmx380g
  • Colour: Matte Black or Blue
  • IPX7 waterproof and rugged design
  • Has a handy lanyard!
  • 18-month warranty and extra 12-months if you register online
  • 30-day money-back warranty
  • Website here

The speaker, made by Shenzhen Thousandshores Technology (a reputable OEM), its FCC ID shows a little more.

  • It has two 40mm full-range 4Ω speakers and a 70mm passive bass radiator.
  • It uses an integrated 2x6W amplifier/charger IC and a CSR BT 4.2 chip. This is typical of portable BT speakers and desk radios.
  • The BT has a .3dBi antenna – it is meant for reasonably close use – within a few metres – of a BT source although BT 4.2 can go up to 20 metres in ideal conditions.
Tribit XSound Go

These are the kind of specs I would expect of a BT speaker in this price bracket and the two batteries explain the amazing 24-hour life and 5-hour recharge.

OK, but how does it sound?

100% volume is 80dB and 75% volume is 70-75dB. This is plenty loud for personal use in a large room.

There is little total harmonic distortion at full volume – little harshness at all. Back at 75%, you can see that it has cut some upper frequencies to achieve that.

  • Deep-Bass: 20-40Hz – none
  • Mid-Bass: 40-100Hz – from 40Hz but evident at 60Hz
  • High-Bass: 100 to 200Hz – building
  • Low-mid: 200-400Hz – flat
  • Mid: 400-1000Hz – flat
  • High-mid: 1-2kHz – flat
  • Low-treble: 2-4kHz – flat
  • Treble:4-6kHz – flat
  • High Treble: 6-10kHz – flat
  • Dog whistle: 10-20 – good to 16Hz then off a cliff
Tribit XSound Go

This is a warm and sweet sound signature verging on mid-centric and frankly almost impossible for a small waterproof, sealed speaker like this to achieve.


We tested at 50% volume, and it was still playing 24 hours later. We estimate that at 75% volume you should get 15-18 hours.

Recharge time is five hours regardless of the micro-USB charger used – it won’t fast charge.

GadgetGuy’s take – Tribit XSound Go is an amazing travel companion

I currently travel with an old BT Braven Solo that I use when casting video content to hotel TVs. I love it as it has such clear voice and reasonable bass capabilities. Well, this Tribit does just as well for a fraction of the price and weighs a lot less.

This is a basic BT speaker – no fancy BT multipoint, App or EQ – it is what it is, and we like it.


The real price is US$29.69 – about A$45 plus parcel post/GST (should be no more than about A$35) so order directly from Tribit USA.

If you hunt around on Amazon.AU, you will see if for $118 plus $59.28 post right up to a ridiculous $332 – do not be fooled.

If you have to spend more, then our recommendation would be the JBL Flip 4 on sale at A$99 At Harvey Norman or the Flip 5 for $129 from JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman.

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Greast price (if you can get it under $100)
Great performance
24-hour battery
Good sound signature
Care: Have to order from the US, so it incurs post and GST costs