If we decided that honesty and fair dealing was number two then mechanisms to prevent fake websites, fake reviews, counterfeits and Scamazons would prevent these from trading online – back to the corner flea-markets or Asian back streets for ‘genuine’ knock-offs! We need a digital online ID that prevents fakes and scams!

If we decided that transparency and accountability needed to be the same as bricks and mortar shops, 99.99999% of online merchants would fail. Sure, this may lead to higher prices, but you are covered by ACL and competition would soon bring things back to reality.

Vested interests in FAANG and many governments prefer to pay lip service to the need for regulation (we are looking at you Zuc) knowing damned well that it will never happen on a global basis. These groups obfuscate the issues and pretend to help while undermining trust.

GadgetGuy will be researching Big Tech and trust levels soon.