What makes Oppo’s Find N foldable different?


The first folding flagship phone from Oppo, the Find N addresses the inherent weakness of the form factor with a ‘Flexion Hinge’. This comprises 136 components and, according to the company, “works as smoothly as the joints in the human body”.

The Flexion Hinge has a water-drop design that widens the angle of the fold in the display. Oppo says this provides a buffer when the display folds, for a crease that is up to 80% less noticeable than on other folding devices. The design also claims to almost eliminate the gap between the folded displays, which promises a sleek and streamlined presentation, reduced collection of debris at the fold, and better protection from scratches for the internal displays.

Those displays open to a landscape 7.1 inch canvas, ideal for consuming videos, games, maps and ebooks; web browsing; photo editing and note taking. Close them up, and the 5.49 inch outer display enables one-handed smartphone operation without compromising screen size or usability, according to Oppo. The displays also feature a highly durable 0.03mm thin layer of Flexion ultra-thin glass (regular Oppo phone use 0.6mm glass) that bends easily and smoothly, and which can be folded more than 200,00 times.

Foldable function

The Find N follows four years of R&D and six generations of prototypes, and offers software customised to get the most from the new format. When using compatible apps, new gestures enable a 50/50 split screen mode and can turn a full screen window into a floating window. Plus there’s a range of tailored keyboard options for the internal display.

When unfolding the phone, content from the outer screen transfers seamlessly to the inner display. And when closing the phone, swiping up on the cover screen lets you continue using the same function on the outer screen.

The form factor promises to bring a fresh, creative take on photography, with multiple screens available to preview, edit and share snaps. Camera-wise, there’s exactly what you’d expect from a flagship phone: a 50MP Sony sensor, a 16MP ultra-wide lens, a 13MP telephoto lens and selfie cameras on inner and outer displays.

The Flexion Hinge means the Find N can also perform as its own tripod (handy for 4K time lapse imaging), and with gesture control for selfies, you won’t have to move out of frame to press the shutter button.

The Oppo Find N is powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 mobile processor and offers a generous 12GB RAM and 512GB of storage.  A large 4500 mAh battery claims all-day battery life, and the 33 watt fast charger promises 100% recharge in 70 minutes. Finishes include black, white and purple.

Australian pricing and availability is not yet confirmed, but first half 2022 is likely. Read more Oppo news and reviews on GadgetGuy.