What the Gadget Guy talked about – 2UE – October 11, 2008

2UE_George-and-Paul.jpgA system to stop drunken emailing, what we’ve been shelling out for in the world of tech in the first half of 2008, a new range of GPS devices from Navman, and a handy accessory for your iPod.

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Google Mail Goggles: be made to think before you drink and email – the latest from the boffins at Google. Google Mail Goggles might help stop you sending that potentially embarrassing late night email after a big night on the drink.

2008 Canon Digital Lifestyle Index: what tech have Australians been buying? – Australian consumers’ appetite for digital devices shows no signs of waning. The latest Canon Digital Lifestyle Index (CDLI) reveals that between January-June of this year, Australians spent a whopping $2.424 billion on digital technologies – the highest figure ever for this period.

Plasma vs LCD – as you can see in the 2008 Canon Digital Lifestyle Index, plasma and LCD TVs are still high on many people’s ‘must have’ list. So, what are the different technologies exactly? Which one is right for your environment and home, and what are the pros and cons of each? This article takes a look at all of this, and more.

The new Navman Platinum range of GPS devices – available from late October 2008 onwards, the Navman S-Series Platinum is a slim and sleek (at only 13.5 mm thick) brushed metal cased GPS unit, with a scrollable “glide” touchscreen, a new interface using Navteq maps and a new intelligent way of searching.

GPS buyers guide – speaking of GPS devices, here’s everything you need to know about buying one.

Energizer instant Energi To Go for iPod charger – keep the beat going! – providing up to 46 hours extra run time, Energizer Energi To Go for iPod includes two AA Energizer Lithium batteries, guaranteeing maximum play time.

Apple’s new iPods – the iPod Touch 2nd Generation, and the iPod Nano 4th Generation – click the link to read the GadgetGuy reviews.