What type of GPS navigator are you?

A GPS device can be used in a number of ways to assist your day-to-day navigation needs. Here’s how GPS devices can help you in a variety of different travel scenarios.


TradespersonFor you, time is money. Getting lost or stuck in traffic on the way to a job means less income for you at the end of the day.

Having the most up-to-date maps, coupled with all the new features in your GPS device, is a great way to get yourself from job to job. Finding suppliers and sourcing products using your GPS device while on the job is another great way your GPS device can save you time and money.

You can plan your entire day’s work on your GPS device by entering each job location into your device prior to leaving for work.


holiday makerDo you often go on holidays to unfamiliar destinations?

Using the Points of Interest (POIs) in your GPS device can take care of your on-road needs – petrol, food and tourist attractions – and also help you search for and contact hotels along the way.

If you love having a plan, pre-setting your journey with the device is a great way to be able to enjoy the drive without worrying about where the next turn-off should be; you can even plot your stops to find the best route between them. And for extra reassurance when the road ahead gets tricky, a GPS device with Junction Views provides a preview of complex intersections and exits, as well as the road sign indicating which exit to take, before you actually get to them.


parentAre you often the family taxi, driving the kids to a new sporting location at the crack of dawn every Saturday morning for sports?

The ability to enter the name of a sporting field or tennis court (when you’re not sure of the correct address) as a destination into your GPS device can be a real lifesaver when time is tight.

Young driver

young driverYou are new to driving and want to explore, but don’t want to get lost or drive too quickly and lose that licence you’ve worked so hard to get.

A GPS device can help you find your way home, and those with in-built speed limit alerts will help you stay safe on the road as well as keep all your licence points.

House hunter

house hunterYou’re looking for a new place to live, and need to locate and inspect several properties in a single morning.

A GPS device is great when you are on the hunt for a new home. You can program a multi-trip journey on your GPS device before leaving home and let it plan your journey between each ‘open for inspection’, as well as search for local Points of Interest that you need, eliminating properties you feel are too far from important amenities.

Professional / business person

business personYou’re always on the move and need to make that client meeting on time.

You can plan your whole day in advance from your desk, just jump online and print out the maps and directions as needed, or click Send to GPS from Whereis.com to have the location fowarded directly to your device. In the car, a GPS device can guide you to all your appointments, and a 3G or GPS-enabled mobile phone will give you access to services such as Whereis Navigator and Whereis Mobile.

GPS devices are a great help when you are travelling on interstate trips, giving you the confidence of knowing where you’re going, whether it’s on foot, or behind the wheel.

Day tripper

daytripperDo you enjoy taking day trips and exploring new areas?

With Points of Interest you can flag places you find personally interesting, be it a local landmark or attraction, or a friend’s house. If you get lost or are just ready to go home, simply enter your address and let your GPS device find the way back to base. This is a fantastic feature if you love exploring new places.

Routine driver

routine-driver.jpgDo you fight the traffic jungle every day? A GPS device will choose the quickest or shortest route for you.

A GPS device chooses the fastest route by looking for roads with higher speed limits and major arterials. GPS devices can re-route; if you make a wrong turn by accident or by choice to avoid traffic, the device will automatically select another way to your destination.

Devices that have Traffic Message Channel (TMC) capabilities allow your GPS to automatically take traffic conditions into consideration when planning out your route, helping you get to your destination on time. A GPS device with alerts to speed limits and school zones will help your daily drive be safer.

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