What’s that? Shazam recognises more than music with latest app

Song lookup service Shazam has helped with the burden of identifying songs heard in shopping centres, parties, and on the radio, but there’s probably more the technology could do. Well, the developers have heard you loud and clearly, and have expanded it considerably.

Launching first for iOS devices with an Android version in the coming weeks, the new Shazam not only features a redesigned look, but also the ability to work out not just what songs you’ve listened to, but the TV shows, and even TV advertisements.

Sometimes, we’ve had jingles stuck in our head that we want to get out, and so this makes sense for us. We don’t necessarily want to buy the product, but we do want to know what made that sound, so this is for those occasions.

It can also be used to track what your friends are listening to and Shazaming, and even allow you to play back tracks through Rdio’s streaming radio service, making it more likely that you’ll get that ear worm out of your head.

An iPad specific version of the app has been made to show what’s more popular, lyrics for the song you’ve looked up, and act as a second display for anyone watching TV to look up what they’ve actually been listening to.

So many people have no idea they're listening to Pink songs.

“During the last year, we have seen triple-digit growth in the number of downloads of the iPad version of our app,” said Shazam’s CEO Rich Riley.

“iPad offers an ideal way to experience more on the second screen as people watch television (the first screen), giving them more space to engage in additional content. Our new app gives our fans the most efficient way to experience more of the media around them whether they are in their home or anywhere throughout the world.”

The features are available across Shazam’s free and paid apps on iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, while Android versions are expected to receive the updates in the next few weeks.