What’s with the red apple, Apple?

You might have noticed a red Apple logo on your local Apple store recently, so what’s the deal here?

Actually, it’s not an attempt at going all Christmassy, but rather, the Red colour signifies Apple’s support for World AIDS day and the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

By purchasing (PRODUCT) RED merchandise, such as a red-coloured iPod Touch, Shuffle, Nano, iPad Smart Cover or iPad Smart Case, Apple will donate a portion of the purchase price to the cause.

And it’s no small amount either, as since its introduction the (PRODUCT) RED campaign has generated more than $215 million, 65 million of which comes from Apple alone.

Sydney's red Apple effort.

It happened yesterday (Sunday) at Apple Stores across the planet, and even at Sydney’s store, where the giant white Apple was red for the day.

You couldn’t take a bite out of it like other red apples in supermarkets, but customers could support World AIDS Day with the purchase of RED branded products, which is a good thing altogether.

Hong Kong's red Apple on December 1