When your life flashes before your very eyes

You’ve heard of blogging and even vlogging (video blogging), but one thing may never have heard of is heading this way faster than you can say it: life blogging.

Based around the idea of recording what happens to and around you, life blogging involves you wearing a device that takes photos and records sounds, then sends the information to the web from where you are.

Think of it as a version of Twitter or Facebook that makes your status a real sound and visual experience for everyone to see.

Microsoft Research has been working on a necklace that captures your life (without you realising it is doing so) for some time, but while Microsoft is busy with its own ideas, designer William Gerwin has been working on his.

Headphones that capture your life.

The headphones pictured include a 10.1 megapixel camera on one side and a tiny projector on the other. This life-blogging headset records your life in images and then sends them to a website where your friends can watch your life… blogged. Or you can hit ‘play’ on the projector and watch your life unfold in front of your very eyes while you wait for a train.

We’re sure it will make for fascinating viewing.