Whereis Navigator on your Telstra mobile phone – information allowing you to avoid traffic jams and incidents

Whereis Navigator Traffic, a new application for Telstra mobile phones, launched today. The service provides traffic information allowing you to avoid serious traffic jams and find your way around major traffic incidents.

Whereis Navigator Traffic helps drivers choose the best route to their destination by re-directing them around high-impact traffic incidents.


Whereis Navigator is available to subscribers for AUD $15 per month, or $4 per day when used on a casual basis, with users signing up for a free seven-day trial before purchase.

Camera alerts and points of interest

In addition to voice-guided and traffic directions, Whereis Navigator provides traffic light camera alerts and allows customers to route to thousands of points of interest. The service also offers integration with the user’s phone contacts, providing convenient directions to the address of a friend or business contact.

Which mobile phones?

Whereis Navigator is available on a range of mobile handsets including: