Whirlpool bakes a cake with a microwave

How many times have you looked at your little microwave and wished you could do some serious cooking with it? Whirlpool may have come up with a way to make that happen.

The new “Jet Chef” is a Whirlpool appliance that somehow manages to push serious cooking technology into a microwave, with Whirlpool’s spokesperson telling us that it’s able to cook a roast in 20 minutes, and a cake in seven.

It achieves this by taking advantage of a technology that’s able to turn the microwave’s plate into a “virtual frying pan”, heating it up to 210ºC in the space of two minutes and using a 3D air distribution system to cook food evenly.

The flip-side to this is that can defrost food evenly too. It’s your choice.

The Jet Chef also uses sensor technology to measure humidity and heat inside the microwave, a feature that Whirlpool claims makes it harder for the food to overheat. And with a fan-forced air stream, the Jet Chef can also cook quickly, meaning that cake can be baked without needing to switch on an oven.

It’s heading into stores now, where you can find it for $799.